This is an archived copy of the Long Beach Cares ( website created by Lorenzo Gigliotti in Sept. 2005. Originally designed to raise awareness of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and aggregate the diverse fundraising and special events which took place in Long Beach California to aid victims of Katrina, it also became the official historical chronicle for the Long Beach Cares - Long Beach, CA Helping Long Beach, MS program established by the City of Long Beach, California (under the direction of Lindsay Shields) to help begin the rebuilding effort of Long Beach, Mississippi. This program ended in Sept. 2006 but to find out more about the continuing needs of Long Beach, MS visit:   
Note: this archived website's URL is ".net" - because the ".org" now serves a new purpose. Dates contained in this archived website refer to 2005 and 2006.
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Helping Pets & Animals

If you know of an organization helping with disaster relief efforts -- please send an email with the information, so that we can list them on this page.

Long Beach Cares - Long Beach Organizations are looking
for homes for animals displaced as a result of the disaster.
Photo Courtesy of Veni Harlan

Friends of Long Beach Animals is supporting and "adopted" Long Beach Mississippi's animals and their Animal Control Department. Friends of Long Beach Animals has sent close to $3,000 so far and is still fundraising for them, we have also supported the Gulf Port Humane Society where the Long Beach, MS animals go for adoption. Friends of Long Beach Animals has been in direct contact with their Animal Control Officer, Evelyn DeDual, which bought a pre-fab building with FOLBA's money to house the animals. If you have any questions for us please contact me. 100% of the money we collect that is earmarked for Long Beach Mississippi's animals goes to them. Shirley Vaughan (President of Friends of Long Beach Animals).

Friends of Long Beach Animals is collecting donations to help animal victims. Checks should be marked "Katrina Relief Fund" and mailed to FOLBA, P.O. Box 92736, Long Beach, CA 90809. Donations can also be made at

Noahs Ark Animal Rescue - We are a local non profit animal no kill all volunteer 501c3 animal rescue that was down in new Orleans working with several other rescues saving animals as well as delivering supplies.

We transported animals from shelters that were with out electricity and rescued pets from homes that were with out food or water and we have all this on our web site

We have also returned with many animals and are planning another trip down there but in the mean time we are in constant contact with the shelters there such as the ST John and st Charles Baptist animal shelter, along with many other rescues that we have had the pleasure of working along with and continue to do so.

The transport from the mercury airlift that the story NBC ran was also organized by us along with other rescues to deliver supplies not just to animals but to people as well.

Our director was also knee deep in the slime along with the many volunteers that also went along (one a army reservist that has just returned from Iraq) trying to catch pets that were hiding under the houses in New Orleans.

The stories we can tell you about working with flash lights in the dark trying everything to get to these hungry pets would scare you but we did our job.


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