This is an archived copy of the Long Beach Cares ( website created by Lorenzo Gigliotti in Sept. 2005. Originally designed to raise awareness of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and aggregate the diverse fundraising and special events which took place in Long Beach California to aid victims of Katrina, it also became the official historical chronicle for the Long Beach Cares - Long Beach, CA Helping Long Beach, MS program established by the City of Long Beach, California (under the direction of Lindsay Shields) to help begin the rebuilding effort of Long Beach, Mississippi. This program ended in Sept. 2006 but to find out more about the continuing needs of Long Beach, MS visit:   
Note: this archived website's URL is ".net" - because the ".org" now serves a new purpose. Dates contained in this archived website refer to 2005 and 2006.
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About this Website

Mayor Beverly O'Neill along with other volunteers at the LB Stater Bros.
Photo Courtesy of Press Telegram
Disasters in 2005 left the Gulf Coast hurting in many ways. Hundreds of thousands of people have been affected by the hurricanes and are in desperate need of our help.

Long Beach, California responded. Our city hosted hundreds of events to help the Red Cross, the Salvation Army and many other large and small organizations aiding the massive relief effort. Long Beach residents and businesses have hosted fundraisers, food drives and other activities to help -- We are demonstrating that Long Beach cares.

"...the Long Beach area at its absolute best."
Press Telegram's Tom Hennessy re: "Operation Lifeline"*

How This Website Began

Long Beach, was created by Lorenzo Gigliotti, founder of G-site Web and in September 2005 shortly after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf region of the US.

Objective of Long Beach is a website which was developed to raise local awareness about the massive destruction left by Katrina and to list all of the local Long Beach events that were taking place to help. In the hurricane's immediate aftermath, separate and unrelated events in Long Beach, California raised a great deal of money and the spontaneous outpouring of individual and group activities was truly beautiful -- small children selling lemonade -- teenagers emptying their piggy banks -- buckets in parking lots filling up with drive-thru cash donations -- neighborhoods hosting block-long yard sales -- a group of local artists that even adopted a family from Long Beach, Mississippi... and then there was the PT event -- "Operation Lifeline" ... the list goes on...

"Long Beach Cares"

The website was left up, even after the disaster was no longer the lead story in the media, and just when it seemed that everyone was forgetting... The spirit of somehow managed to live on and was picked up by our City Council, which began a campaign to aid the City of Long Beach, Mississippi. The "Long Beach Cares" name was applied to the campaign and this website was adopted by the City to aid in its efforts. In January 2006 the City donated two work trucks to Long Beach, Mississippi. The City brought in Lindsay Shields to direct the effort -- groups of volunteers were formed to organize fundraising events and raise public awareness regarding the ongoing struggle to put Long Beach, MS on the road to recovery. Several Long Beach Cares volunteers went to Long Beach, Mississippi and were awestruck by the sheer volume of the devastation.

Youth Involvement in the Katrina Relief Effort

Long Beach Youth Services

adopted the 'Long Beach Cares' title for a video featuring LB youth oriented relief efforts. It helped them achieve a 'Top 5' award for the '100 Best Communities For Young People'

Submitted by Long Beach Youth Services
How to Participate
We request the submission of local charitable events sponsored by municipal and national agencies, as well as those put on by schools, churches, youth groups and other similar groups aiding in the relief efforts. We'd even like to know about lemonade stands, car-washes and yard sales that are being held to help the disaster relief efforts.

*Operation Lifeline -- The Long Beach Press Telegram and LBCC event raised over $45,000 in two hours. It was one of several very successful Long Beach relief efforts showing how much Long Beach cares.


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