This is an archived copy of the Long Beach Cares ( website created by Lorenzo Gigliotti in Sept. 2005. Originally designed to raise awareness of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and aggregate the diverse fundraising and special events which took place in Long Beach California to aid victims of Katrina, it also became the official historical chronicle for the Long Beach Cares - Long Beach, CA Helping Long Beach, MS program established by the City of Long Beach, California (under the direction of Lindsay Shields) to help begin the rebuilding effort of Long Beach, Mississippi. This program ended in Sept. 2006 but to find out more about the continuing needs of Long Beach, MS visit:   
Note: this archived website's URL is ".net" - because the ".org" now serves a new purpose. Dates contained in this archived website refer to 2005 and 2006.
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Relief Groups, Organizations and Agencies

This is a list of agencies which are helping with general disaster relief -- these agencies may or may not be involved with our current effort to help Long Beach, MS

(If your organization is helping please send an email with the information)

American Red Cross - "$405,000 was collected over two days" at Long Beach-Stater Bros parking lot.
Stater Bros/KCAL/CBS2/Red Cross

Photo Courtesy of Long Beach Beachcomber
You can help by contacting the following organizations

American Red Cross Greater Long Beach Chapter
3150 E. 29th Street Long Beach, CA 90806
To volunteer, call 595-6341, ext. 261
To donate on-line, visit the American Red Cross.

Salvation Army

Friends of Long Beach Animals is collecting donations to help animal victims. Checks should be marked "Katrina Relief Fund" and mailed to FOLBA, P.O. Box 92736, Long Beach, CA 90809. Donations can also be made at*

The Long Beach Jewish Community is working with synagogues and organizations to provide immediate help. To donate by phone, call (562) 426-7601, by mail to Hurricane Relief, Jewish Federation, Greater Long Beach & West Orange County, 3801 E. Willow St., 90815.*

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is seeking funds to help Teamster members. Checks can be made to "Teamsters Disaster Relief Fund" and mailed to International Brotherhood of Teamsters, 25 Louisiana Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20001. Call (202) 624-7471.*


Donate to Help the victims of Hurricane Katrina:

Help Rescue Stranded Animals:

Aid for Additional Disasters Around the World :

* Items with an asterisk - Information - Courtesy of The Long Beach Press Telegram

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