This is an archived copy of the Long Beach Cares ( website created by Lorenzo Gigliotti in Sept. 2005. Originally designed to raise awareness of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and aggregate the diverse fundraising and special events which took place in Long Beach California to aid victims of Katrina, it also became the official historical chronicle for the Long Beach Cares - Long Beach, CA Helping Long Beach, MS program established by the City of Long Beach, California (under the direction of Lindsay Shields) to help begin the rebuilding effort of Long Beach, Mississippi. This program ended in Sept. 2006 but to find out more about the continuing needs of Long Beach, MS visit:   
Note: this archived website's URL is ".net" - because the ".org" now serves a new purpose. Dates contained in this archived website refer to 2005 and 2006.
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Long Beach Cares
Long Beach, CA Helping Long Beach, MS

On August 30th Mayor Bob Foster will be traveling to Long Beach, Mississippi, to deliver a $40,000 check to help the ongoing relief effort.

The official "Long Beach Cares" campaign will be wrapping up this month, coinciding with the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Recovery for Long Beach, Mississippi and the many other Gulf cities affected by the disaster will take decades. Though our city's official campaign is ending, the ongoing efforts by community groups will no-doubt continue. On the pages of this website, the numerous events that have taken place in Long Beach, California have been archived and will serve to promote the continuing efforts.

A Community that Cares - Summary

The following lists show most of the efforts, which have taken place in the Long Beach community since Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast -- many were the original spontaneous community efforts that inspired this "Long Beach Cares" website and later inspired our City's official "Long Beach Cares" campaign -- both lists show the depth of compassion that is an integral part of the fabric of Long Beach, California -- something that the community's residents can be proud of. Long Beach does care -- that is a fact.

Summary of City of Long Beach, CA efforts:

  • Web portal and IT services
  • Donation of two work trucks
  • website adopted as official program website.
  • Golf Tournament Fundraiser
  • Aquarium Lecture Series
  • Fundraising Reception hosted by Smooth's
  • Fundraising at Municipal Band Concerts
  • Fundraising at Sea Festival Events
  • Volunteer visits to Long Beach, MS to assess, learn and assist Long Beach, MS
  • Long Beach Cares Video by Greg Williams
  • City of Long Beach professional visits to assess, learn and assist Long Beach, MS
  • Over 1,000 pairs of shoes shipped by rail
  • Needed stationary and supplies donated and shipped by rail
Community efforts of Long Beach, CA
( for Gulf Coast & Long Beach, MS):
  • Long Beach Cares website built to publicize all local relief efforts and events
  • AYSO 177 teams - Spirit Can Contributions
  • From coast to coast – Long Beach, CA to Long Beach, MS
    Portfolio Coffeehouse “adopted” a family in Long Beach, Mississippi.
  • Operation Lifeline
    Press Telegram and Long Beach City College
    Raised over $45,000 in a few hours
  • City of Long Beach Fund-drive
    Long Beach Water Department
    Raised over $100,000
  • KCAL-KCBS, Stater Bros. and the Long Beach Red Cross Drive-thru Fundraiser
    Stater Bros. Parking Lot
    Raised over $400,000
  • The Children’s Dental Health Clinic Mobile Dental Clinic Van Leaves for Louisiana
    Miller Children’s Hospital at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center
  • California State University, Long Beach Fund-drives and various other campus relief events
  • Long Beach City College Fund-drives and various other campus relief events
  • 4th Annual Walk for Hope
    Presented by Be the Cause
    One donation beneficiary was "Operation USA," a Los-Angeles based nonprofit providing medical aid to the poorest hurricane victims by assisting nonprofit health care clinics in the affected region.
  • Hurricane Relief Fundraisin' Football @ Vet Stadium!
    Veteran's Memorial Stadium
  • Hurricane Katrina Survivors Interviewed
    on “Heart to Heart” with Lorelai
    Long Beach Community Television LBCTV
  • “Heart to Heart” with Lorelai - Long Beach Cares Episode
    Interview with Lorenzo Gigliotti regarding local relief efforts
    Long Beach Community Television LBCTV
  • The Aquarium of the Pacific
    Hurricane Katrina Relief Night
  • Interfaith Blessing of the Animals & NEW Vigil for Katrina Animals
  • Garfield Elementary
    "Kids Helping Kids" Dollar Drive
  • "All That Jazz" Food Finders gala benefit at the Museum of Latin American Art
    Helped Support Katrina Victims and Local People in Need
  • La Parolacccia Restaurant - Fundraiser for the American Red Cross
  • Press-Telegram Career Fair
    Special focus on those displaced by Hurricane Katrina in Long Beach
  • Benefit Poetry Reading for Hurricane Relief
    Long Beach Museum of Art
  • Katrina Disaster Benefit sponsored by the Southern California Blues Society
    The Blue Cafe
  • 2nd Annual Music Festival and Art Festival
    Accepted donations for International House of Blues Foundation’s Katrina Relief Fund
  • Midnight Insanity acting troupe raised $1000 for Red Cross
  • 3rd District Disaster Peparedness Fair 2006
  • Numerous Lemonade Stands
  • Various Car Wash fundraisers
  • Various Charitable fundraisers
  • Various School Efforts
  • Pet Partners raised funds to set up an animal shelter in Long Beach, Miss.
  • Friends of Long Beach Animals
    Assisted with animal rescue
A Tale of Two Cities - Mayor to Mayor at the Long Beach Cares Lecture Series Hosted by The Aquarium of the Pacific
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Mayor Bob Foster Speaking at the Long Beach Cares Fundraiser Reception
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Long Beach Cares Benefit Golf Tournament
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Long Beach, CA Helping Long Beach, MS - Disaster Relief Effort. Donating work trucks and sending needed supplies and Long Beach volunteers at work!

Photos by Lorenzo Gigliotti & Lindsay Shields -


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